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Repentance - by Maisie Bull LIVE

This is a video from a show at SPACE in Evanston, Illinois.  November 2015.


Maisie Bull has been singing for as long as she can remember.  With her love of writing and her desire to help people feel less alone, music is her passion.  She is a singer/songwriter who also self-accompanies on the piano and guitar. 


To Maisie, music is a way to heal.  There is so much power in a melody that conveys that which simple words cannot express.  She started writing when she was 11 and graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA in 2019.  


As she continued to write music through high school, her songs grabbed the attention of GRAMMY Nominated artist Cathy Richardson, a childhood friend of Maisie’s mother.  Richardson enlisted her friend Steven Gillis, former drummer for platinum selling rock band Filter and now co-owner and producer at Chicago’s Transient Sound.  He and Cathy helped Maisie produce her first single, Grey to Me, and her 6-song EP, Repentance, which was released on March 23, 2018. 

Maisie released two new singles in 2021, When You're High, and Good As New.  She is in the process of writing and recording more music to be released later this year.  In the past, she has performed with acts such as The Cathy Richardson Band and Jefferson Starship.


Maisie aspires to help people in the way that her favorite artists have touched her life.  Her style can be described as folk-inspired pop combined with classic singer/songwriter.


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